Saturday, May 01, 2010

Paris Hilton's Lost Poem?

Scholars dispute the provenance of this small masterpiece. But the Paparazzi references seal it for me. Tabloid hacks were stunned by the first publication. But those who know her best just smiled.

For the record, I never went to 29 Palms with her. Ok, maybe once. But we were both too drunk to remember anything about it.

No one understands me
No one cares
No one helps me
Everyone just stares
Except you
Except you
Except you

No one touches me
No one feels
No one reaches out to me
Everyone just steals
Except you
Except you

No one listens to me
No one hears
No one sets my blood on fire
Everyone just leers
Except you

And you are gone
Into your Joshua Tree silence
Your Mojave horizon line glare.
The lawn sprinkler snickers
Wind pushes a beach ball across the empty pool
You are gone but you remain
Like the flare in the eyes
After the flash bulb dies.

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