Monday, April 13, 2009

Morning Joe and Revolution

I listen to the ‘debate’ on the stimulus bill and I hear democrats and the media parroting the same old bankrupt --literally, bankrupt – Republican ideas – more tax cuts for rich people! – and I start to think that change, the kind of gradual reasoned, ‘bi-partisan’ change that Obama is talking about, is just impossible – one more delusion. There’s a kind of lethal inertia to these ideas, their bulging mass and deceptive speed making them impossible to turn or divert. The ship hits the iceberg, over and over again and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Maybe the whole country has to crash, the stock market go to zero, every business fail, the currency be abandoned as they are doing in Zimbabwe now. Maybe there have to be riots in the streets, with rich neighborhoods trashed as well as poor ones. Maybe the White House itself and the Capitol have to be burned to the ground, and the whole Senate and House of Representatives hanged from the lamp-posts before anything van really change.

Maybe we need a revolution.

Maybe this is why revolutions happen in the first place. Because nothing but violence and complete social breakdown can budge the inert compacted corruption of the status quo.

Maybe civilization has to be razed like a street of rotten tenements before anything new can be built.

Maybe we can only act after it’s too late.

And maybe if that’s true, we need it to be too late as soon as possible.

We need it to be too late now.

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